About Us

Lippia Foods is to serve traditional and healthy organic food and pickles across India. It has a food production plant in Hyderabad, Telangana state. Lippia Foods has a strong portfolio in organic food and pickles, offering an extensive and innovative range of spices and powders, Dry fruits and nuts, Millets and veg & non veg pickles that are widely distributed across many states in India.

Lippia Foods Pvt Ltd, endeavor is to provide best in healthy and traditional offering in organic food and pickles segment, which will give consumers more delightful experiences. Lippia Foods is in the process of rolling out exciting new product innovations. Do Refer to our Products section to know more.

Our Vision:

Creating healthy and delightful food experiences

Our Mission:

We are an united food solutions company that delivers high quality products to our customers through hierarchy knowledge in food capabilities.

We are loyal and honest towards our people, partners, customers and the environment.





Founder & Managing Director
Manufacturer and Priduction


Co-Founder & Director
Operations and Digital Marketing