About Us

Lippia Foods brings the special collection of selected pickles, spices and powders, dry fruits and nuts, millets, Namkeens, Cookies, Sweets, Masala and Masala Powders.

In our passionate search, we have ensured you that you only get the best and pure handmade food. Our brand is well known for their quality and their attracting flavor. We have curated India’s best food products on one platform.

Our pickles are generally hand-made and are available in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. All products are quality checked before sourcing. Our spices and powders help you to cook some of the most authentic dishes in an easy way.

Miracle grains, Millets are super food of ancestors and has been used from 700 years. Millets have low cholesterol index which is excellent for diabetes and heart patients. You can avail organic millets online and experience the richness of fiber, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

We always work with the panel of chefs who have used these products and confirmed that these spices and powder are indeed special- do check out some of these easy spices and powder and add special taste and flavor in your food for your loved ones. All the products are sourced fresh from the kitchen and stores of these brand after we receive the order.

Our Vision:

We understand the sheer joy that tasty pickle adds to our delicious food in our busy lives. When you buy from us, you support many small family-run businesses somewhere in India. That’s the power of your purchase. Join us in our endeavor to keep alive the tradition, small business, and flavors of India.

Our Mission:

We are united food solution that delivers high quality handmade products to our customers. We would like to employ more than thousands of women to stand on their own feet and become a prominent part of our society.

Why Shop with Us?

Lippia Foods helps you to discover India’s best and most authentic pickles, spices and powders and dry fruits and Nuts.

  • We have a huge collection of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles across India.
  • Each product is carefully tested for its premium quality, authentic taste, and purity.
  • All your orders are freshly sourced and are carefully packed.
  • We offer recipes for preparing authentic tasting pickle.
  • No artificial preservatives and additives are used for edible items.


Our Team


Science graduate by chance but an Entrepreneur by choice, Karthik is a Co-founder and Director of Lippia Foods. He has completed his masters in Marketing. Karthik also leads Marketing and Operation team in Lippia. His strong interpersonal skills and unique capacity for empathy makes him a natural motivator. He has prior experience in managing and leading large Marketing and Sales team in FMCGI. In all free time, Karthik loves to travel and research new things and is the kind of person who is always happy to help others. A target Oriented person with a pleasing personality sums up Karthik.

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes beyond their way to make life beautiful for someone.”


An enthusiastic researcher and a Chef as passion, Haritha is the founder and managing director of Lippia Foods. Haritha has worked with many small-scale pickle manufacturers. She has completed her Bachelor degree in Hotel Management. She has helped a number of women to stand on their own feet. Haritha is highly enthusiastic about discovering a recipe of pickle products and variety of spices that add a special taste to pickle. In 2018, she has opened the Lippia Foods along with karthik in Hyderabad. Her ambition in life is to build a strong team of women empowerment. When not in the office, she can be found giving knowledge on entrepreneurship to women.

If you ask something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.