Frequently asked questions on veg pickles

1.      Can I make homemade pickles?

Yes, you can make pickles at your home available on Lippia Foods. Our pickles are pretty straight forward and simple to make. Our pickles are low tech process that anyone can master. There remains some mystery around the process. We have provided recipes of every pickle and it does not require any prior experience to make our pickles. Enjoy the recipes of the tasty flavor of veg pickles on Lippia Foods.

2.      Are your pickles equally healthy?

Most pickles available in the market contains mustard oil, sugar or vinegar that is very harmful to our health. Our pickles are typically homemade and every pickle at Lippia Foods are made from groundnut oil that is good for our health. Also, our pickle does not contain any sugar or vinegar. Pickles containing sugar or vinegar are too acidic for probiotics for flourish and live. They may taste great but they are not good for health. At Lippia Foods, we highly focus on great taste and healthy food. Our pickles are fermented and probiotic in nature.

3.      Why is our pickle so much healthier?

At Tippie Foods we highly encourage nonpreservative, non-additive products. Our pickles are purely handmade in nature. We have added groundnut oil in our pickles for better taste and good health of our customer. And these reasons differentiate our products from the rest pickles in the market.

4.      How do you make your pickle?

Our pickle is typically homemade in nature. We manufacture our products at the time when you order from us. Each product is checked twice to ensure the best quality. If you ever feel unsatisfied with any of our product, please contact us at our toll-free number or write to us at

5.      Is there any additive or preservative added in your pickle?

Every pickle at Lippia Foods is non-additive and non-preservative in nature. All ingredients added in our pickle are purely organic and typically homemade.

6.      Where to store your pickle?

To enjoy the amazing taste of our pickle, avoid direct sunlight and do not refrigerate our pickle. Special care must be taken while transferring pickle from one container to another container. Do not put a pickle in a wet container. Avoid wet spoon while taking pickle out from the container

Frequently asked questions on sweets and namkeen:

1.      Do you serve fresh product?

Yes, we offer only fresh and premium products to our customers. Our aim is to serve tasty and best quality food to our customers. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our products, please write to us at We always look forward to serving you better.

2.      What is the shelves life of the sweets and namkeens brought from your website?

Various products have different shelves life depending upon the ingredients added in the product. Every product has its manufacturing and expiry date mentioned on the product. In addition, you can contact us for prior knowledge of any product.

3.      What if I search for certain sweet and it is not available on the website?

If any sweets or namkeen are out of stock, then there might be high demand for that product. In such case please feel free to contact us at our toll-free number or mail us at We will do the best for you.

4.      I want sweets at a specific date. Can this be possible?

We always give our best efforts to deliver every product within the given time. If you want sweets at any specific date, please contact us immediately after placing an order. We will contact third-party delivery service to ship your product immediately once it reaches to their courier center. We will contact you once your product has been shipped from courier service center. For any update or query, please feel free to reach us at our toll-free number or at

5.      What is the limitation of weight and how many products can I purchase from your website?

At Lippia Foods, we accept all kinds of order. There is no limitation of weight on sweets or any product on our website. If you want to buy in bulk, please read our BULK blogs before ordering any product in bulk. If you want to order in less quantity, you can place an order anytime from our website.

Frequently asked questions on non-veg pickles:

1.      How are your pickles made?

Our pickles are typically handmade, more traditional and hygienic just like our parents used to make at our homes. Our pickles are a juicy, tasty scrumptious and great addition to your food. Must try special nonveg pickles from Lippia Foods.

2.      Do you deliver fresh pickles or stored pickles?

The best thing about our pickles is we make and pack fresh pickles for our customers after they place an order. If you demand any changes in our recipe, we customize our recipe for you. For changing any recipe of any pickles, you can write to us at or you can call us at our toll-free number.

3.      Do you add any preservative in your pickle?

At lippia Foods, we take special care of your health and your taste. We highly encourage non-preservative, non-additive products. Our pickles are purely handmade in nature. We have added groundnut oil in our pickles for better taste and good health of our customer. And these reasons differentiate our products from the rest pickles in the market.

4.      How long can I store your pickles?

Every pickle comes with manufacturing and expiry dates which are mentioned on the label of our products. You can store pickle for a maximum of 3 months. To know more, contact us at

5.      Why should we use your pickle?

Our pickles are typically handmade and organic in nature. We do not add any preservative or additive in our pickle for your better health and better digestion. We only use groundnut oil for preparing our pickles. Apart from the delicious taste, our pickle is best for your digestion, mouth ulcers and liver protection.

6.     Where to store your pickle?

To enjoy the amazing taste of our pickle, avoid direct sunlight and do not refrigerate our pickle. Special care must be taken while transferring pickle from one container to another container. Do not put a pickle in a wet container. Avoid wet spoon while taking pickle out from the container.

Frequently asked questions on millets:

1.      Who can use millets?

Millets are rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other nutritional substances.  Millets can be consumed by anyone, from newborn babies to youngsters to adults to elder people. Millets are considered as the best medicine for  Skin and unhealthy person.

2.      What is the health benefit of consuming millets?

Millets are highly nutritious, non-glutinous in nature. They are highly soothing and easy to digest. Normally there is a misconception that millets are rich in carbohydrates and hence it increases fat content in our body. But that’s wrong. It is found that a small number of millets can store enough energy in our body. Millet releases glucose to our blood without overloading with a sudden increase in glucose like white rice. Eating millets not only reduces our weight but it also provides highly nutritious benefits which rice or wheat cannot provide. They are considered to be the least allergenic and most digestible grains available.

3.    Can pregnant women consume millets?

Millets are ideal for pregnant mothers since several millets like ragi, barley and bajra are highly rich in iron and calcium. Millets get easily digested as compared to other grain. The mothers who are having gestational diabetes should use millets instead of grains. This will help to lower diabetic content in their body. It is also found in recent studies that millets help to build immunity to the baby growing in the womb.

4.      How do I know which millet should I eat?

Food and food habit is characterized by the area and the people you are surrounded. People living in the northern part of India highly consume Jowar and ragi

5.      Is millet hard to prepare and cook?

Millets are just like other grains. They consume less time and efforts to prepare any recipe.

6.      Where can I buy millets?

You can enjoy highly nutrition and tasty food from Lippia Foods. Our organic millets are non-adulterated, non-polished and are verified by government authority.

7.      Are millets hard to digest?

This is the wrong misconception. For example, when one starts to consume unpolished and adulterated rice, they will find hard to digest that adulterated and unpolished rice. This is because that unadulterated rice will have a lower glycemic index. As a result, you will feel hungry much later than you will feel after consuming unpolished rice. In the same manner, millets are rich in fibers which leads to slow digestion and has a lower glycemic index. Once one understands the nature of millets, one will find that much fewer quantities of millets are required to get the same amount of energy to keep us working. This is also why millets are excellent for diabetics. Millet does not contain any gluten. Millets are not acid forming foods and are easy to digest.

8.    I do not have Diabetes, why should I take millets?

Millets are highly nutritious, non-glutinous and not acid forming food. Hence, they’re soothing and easy to digest. They’re considered to be least allergenic & most digestible grains available. Diabetes and other chronic diseases are known to have a close link to the food that we consume.

9.    Can millets be as tasty as the food cooked from Rice and Wheat?

Yes. Millets have been used to make tasty recipes like – ragi cake, Bajra muffins, ragi pancakes, millet porridge & Malayali style puttu. Bajra-Jowar bread is known to be very delicious and is the fastest selling bread at many bakeries across the country.

10.  What is the thought behind Lippia Foods Organic millets?

Lippia Foods has created interest among its customers. Supporting organic agriculture is, therefore, a natural step for us at lippie Foods. Our motto is to give a fair price to the farmers and the best product to our customers.

Frequently asked questions on dry fruits and nuts

1.      Is my satisfaction guaranteed on Lippia Foods related to dry fruits and nuts?

We aim to provide premium quality of dried fruits. We work for customer satisfaction. If for any reason you feel dissatisfied from our product, you can contact us at our toll-free number or you can write to us at We never compromise with your health and satisfaction. We will contact you within 2-3 days and if possible then you can exchange the product within 10 days after receiving the product or we will refund your money to your account used at the time of ordering the product. For more details, see our return policy.

2.      Is eating too many dry fruits unhealthy?

We at Lippia food aim to deliver fresh and healthy food free from polish and adulteration. Our dry fruits are rich in fibers and nutrients. But eating too much dry nuts are not good for your health, especially for your teeth. If you are on a diet, it is usually preferred to consume more dry nuts because it supplies continuous energy to your body. For any further details, please write to us at

3.      What are the benefits of eating dry fruits and nuts?

Dried fruits and nuts are packed with essential nutrients. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, and fibers. They are key to prevent cardiovascular problems means they reduce the risk of coronary heart problems. Dried fruits and nuts are rich in iron. They help to fight harmful disease like anemia. They also help in the formation of new red blood cell and improving hemoglobin in our body.

4.      How long can I store dried fruits and nuts in my shelf?

You can store our dried fruits and nuts as long as you want on your selves. However special care and precaution must be taken to store them. You should not refrigerate them and please direct sunlight.

5.      What is the best time to eat dried fruits?

You can eat dried fruits and nut whenever you want except late at night. Avoid eating them in excess. You can eat dried fruits as roasted with your meal or in the morning breakfast with hot tea or coffee. You can also consume it as raw. They contain a good amount of carbohydrate, which will help to provide good amount of energy throughout the day.

Frequently asked questions on powders

1.      How long do your powders last?

Our powders can last several months. Every product has its expiry date which is mentioned on the product itself. We recommend you not to buy a larger amount of an individual powder which you expect to use within a year. The old powder will not make you sick, just won’t accomplish their true taste. A good, simple test is to smell them. If you don’t get a scent, it’s time to throw them away. A fun way to throw them away is to toss them on your grill when cooking. This is a way to release the last little bit of volatile oils that might still remain, and put flavor into your grilling food!

2.      Are your powders and spices are Gluten-Free?

Yes, all our powders and spices are gluten-free. We process them in our store and manufacture them gluten-free. We use asafoetida and Demi-Glace, both of them are pre-packaged so there is no risk of contamination. For any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

3.      What does Originally Sourced mean?

Our Originally Sourced powders and spices are cultivated and produced according to the organic standard. These powder and spices are produced in full accordance with organic standards and bear a certified organic label.

4.      Does your powder contain MSG?

MSG is a flavor enhancer that makes taste better. It is an artificial ingredient to make taste better. Lippia Foods has paid special attention to eliminate all artificial ingredients that are harmful to your health. None of our powders and spices contains MSG. We have used all organic ingredients to enhance the taste and make their taste appealing. We have displayed a description of every ingredient on the product as well as on product description on our website. Feel free to contact for any further inquiry.