Millet treat – Lunch

Good food = Good mood similarly Lippia millet food = Good mood forever

Does good food mean just picking the raw and colorless food? No, Lippia foods have changed the definition. We provide you delicious and healthy millet food with the combination of different types of roti, recipes of leafy vegetables veg and fruit salads.

Lippia foods will change your mood with the food provided in lunch and dinner millet thali.

What does Lippia Millet treat consist of?

Lippia millet treat consist of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali. Millets are chiru dhanyalu or siri dhanyalu in telugu. Lippia foods also provide millets online. Visit Lippiafoods to order different types of millets.

Subscription plans

We serve you with a different combination of thali on each day of the week.

Each thali consists of 5 items chosen by our nutritionists. It serves a perfect combination of nutritional items in the right proportion required for a normal human being.

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Items in thali

Sunday menu

Millet Pulao – Millets packed with nutrition is wonderfully cooked to make it tasty.
Jonna roti – Jonna is telugu name for jowar (Sorghum). Rotis are made with jowar flour.
Mushroom curry – A delightful curry should go along with the pulao and roti. And mushroom curry is one such perfect combination for it.
Palak Dal – Its not an end, dal adds more protein to thali.
Kesari sweet – Happy ending of the sunday meal with the lip-smacking kesari sweet

Monday menu

Foxtail rice – Koralu is called as foxtail in English. Cooked foxtail rice is the main course for the day.
Mixed roti – Multigrain atta to get the nutrition from all the grains.
Mixed veg curry – Best one to go with the mixed roti.
Gongura pappu – Dal again as everyday dal is must to be part of the meal.
Salad – simple yet important addition to a meal. It contains Carrot, Beet root, Kheera, onion and lemon.

Tuesday menu

Jowar sangati – Sangati also called as porridge in English. Jonna sangati is jowar porridge.
It helps reduce weight at the same time reduces heat in the body.
Palak chapathi – Palak is rich in iron.
Brinjal Curry – Curry of brinjal tastes well with chapathis.
Chukka Kura pappu – This days dal variety with chukka kura which helps in blood circulation.
It is also called as green sorrel in english. it is rich in Vitamin C and calcium.
Sprouts – Best protein content for the day.

Wednesday menu

Brown Rice – Also called as mudi biyam. It is highly preferred for diabetics.
Pulka – Light addition with great nutrition
Paneer curry – Paneer to tickle your taste buds.
Tomato pappu – Protein addition for Wednesday
Veg Salad – Contains Carrot, Beet root, Kheera, Cabbage, capsicum Tomato

Thursday menu

Proso rice – Proso is called as varigalu in telugu. Mineral content in proso is high.
Sajja roti – Pearl millet is called as sajjalu in telugu. It is called as super food. It reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
Chikkudu curry – Chikkudukaya is source of dietary fibre.
Thotakura pappu – Amaranth leaves – It is high in calcium.
Boiled corn – Corn contains fair amount of fibre.

Friday menu

Raagi sangati – Ragi is used in summer to reduce heat. It is rich in iron. Raagi flour is boiled in water to prepare sangati (porridge).
Chapathi – Fibre rich chapathi as a filler.
Fresh roti chutney – Chutney goes well with raagi sangati.
Ponnaganti pappu – Leafy vegetable along with protein content dal.
Fruit salad – A feast of cut fruits. Contains Apple, papaya, Pomegranate, Orange , watermelon and Pineapple.

Saturday menu

Barnyard rice – It helps in controlling type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
Ragi roti – Ragi an iron source in roti form.
Matekkaya curry
Methi pappu – Dal with methi. Menthi leaves have antioxidants and nutrients. It helps in fat burning.
Boiled sanagalu – Sanagalu keeps your stomach filled for longer. It contains fiber.

On the whole Lippia foods will give you the right combination of food filled with nutrients and vitamins. To know more benefits of millets, check truweight .

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