Brown Top Millet (అండు కొర్రలు)



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About: We would like to introduce the healthiest and rarest species of the millet family, Brown Top millet. Brown top millet is widely grown in Karnataka. It is one of the oldest forms of human food. This unpolished millet from Lippia Foods has a very high content of fiber and proteins.  Brown top millet has low glycemic carbs index. Brown top Millet is rich in minerals like iron and copper, which helps to reduce Cholesterol level and keep our body free from disease. It is rich in carbohydrate which doesn’t increase the blood sugar level in our body. So, enjoy this healthy millet from Lippia Foods by ordering online or by calling us at our toll-free number.

How to use: Apart from several medical benefits, Brown top millet has an amazing taste. It is mostly preferred for breakfast. Different dishes that can be made from brown top millet are:

Breakfast: Brown millet idli, brown millet dosa, brown millet upma

Lunch/ Dinner: Millet Pulao, Brown millet masala roti

Dessert: Brown millet payasam

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