Finger Millet (రాగులు)



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About: We would like to introduce Finger Millet also known as Ragi, which serve a special place in South Indian kitchen. Finger millet is important millet grown in exclusive parts of our country. Finger millet has a rich source of fiber and helps to lower cholesterol level. It is also considered as the best food for weight control, diabetes, anda cooling of the body. At Lippia Foods, we serve this millet at a very low cost so that you can protect your body from these health problems. So, enjoy this healthy millet from Lippia Foods by ordering online or by calling us at our toll-free number. 

How to use: You can enjoy this healthy millet in different forms and different preparation. Finger millet can be consumed in your breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Lippia Foods like to present a few dishes that can be made from Finger millet.

Breakfast: Ragi sankati, Ragi paniyaram, Ragi rava upma, Ragi idli, ragi dosa, ragi ambali

Lunch/ Dinner: Ragi roti, ragi mudde

Dessert: Ragi malt, ragi halwa, Ragi ladoo, ragi semiya payasam

Snacks: Ragi cookies

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