Mixed Vegetable Pickle(మిక్స్డ్ వేజిటబుల్)



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About: We would like to introduce the most awaited pickle and king of all time, the mixed pickle. Mixed pickle is the perfect combination of all the healthy vegetable under one container. This pickle is a necessary item in every Indian meal. We have taken special care of your health by keeping it completely free from preservatives and additive. And because all products used for manufacturing pickle are purely organic, it adds an excellent taste to your taste bud. This famous pickle by us is consumed by the people of our country as well as by the people of other countries. So, enjoy this amazing pickle from lippiafoods by ordering online or calling us at our toll-free number.

Ingredients: Mango, Carrot, Cauliflower, Green Chili, Garlic, Lime, Mustard seeds, Groundnut Oil, Salt, Lemon Juice, Dry Red Chili

How to use: Mixed pickles add a special flavor to your food. You can serve this amazing pickle in morning breakfast with paratha, idli, upma, and dosa. You can also serve this pickle with your lunch and with your dinner.

Precaution: Do not use a wet spoon to take out the product from the container. While transferring it from the container, please ensure that your container is clean and dry. Store it in a cool and dry place. Always airtight the container after use for better life and taste. Do not store inside the refrigerator. Best before 6 months after manufacturing.

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