Sorghum Millet (జొన్నలు)



500gm, 1000gm



About: We would like to introduce one of the ancient cereal grain Sorghum Millet which is supernatural food for weight loss. Sorghum millet has a variety of health benefits. They help to reduce weight, has high fiber content and contains bioactive compounds in them. Due to Sorghum Millet benefits, many people prefer it over regular wheat chapati. The calcium content in sorghum millet is very close to that of wheat and rice. So, enjoy this healthy millet from Lippia Foods by ordering online or by calling us at our toll-free number.

How to use:

This gluten-free millet is very popular in India as Jowar Roti. Jowar roti with homemade butter or ghee tastes amazing when served with curry or with vegetables. This finger licking healthy millet can be consumed in a variety of ways:

Breakfast: Jowar roti, Jowar upma, Sorghum salad with kale pesto, Jowar dosa

Lunch/Dinner: Jowar sangati,  Apple cinnamon raisin sorghum bake, Masala jowar roti, stir-fried Thai sorghum

Dessert: Sorghum coconut milk with roasted pineapple

Snacks: Sorghum apple.

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